Your Local Pawn Shop Offers So Many things And All Under One Roof.

The popularity of pawn shops in Australia is growing as more and more people learn about how convenient they are. When you need to borrow money from financial institutions, there is all the paperwork, then they need to do a credit check on you and you also have to provide additional legal papers regarding your job and spending. After you do all that, you might still be turned down for the small loan. However, with pawn shops there is none of that and if you have the necessary collateral to put up, and that could be anything of value, then they make a quick decision and you get your cash.

There aren’t too many places that you can walk into from the street and offer them something of value in exchange for money, but in pawn shops, this is the reality. For those of you who are not sure about what exactly you can pawn in these places, let me help you out with that. Here are some of the things of value that they will gladly lend you money on or just buy straight from you.

  • Gold jewellery is very welcome in their store and they will give you top dollar for it. They offer a price guarantee that they will offer the best rates in town and you can’t really get fairer than that. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and neck chains will be weighed in front of you and the market price on that day will be clearly listed for you to see. This way, you know exactly what your items are worth.
  • Designer bags can be taken as loan collateral and they also sell designer bags in Melbourne stores as well. These fashion statements are also a wise investment for the ladies and they can help you to get some much-needed cash when you need it the most. If you have a little extra money on you, then call in and get yourself a designer bag for less than market value.
  • Diamonds are also something that they are glad to buy from you or for you to use as collateral for a loan. They have a gemologist on-site to assess the stones and to give you a fair market price. The diamonds can be loose or come inside jewellery.
  • Luxury watches from well-known brands like Omega, Gucci and Rolex are particularly liked and loans can be issued quite fast on the strength of these. If you are unsure about the value of your watch, bring it into the store for a quick assessment.

Your local pawn shop is a one-stop Aladdin’s cave of wonderful things where you can sell your items for quick cash, pawn them and pay a small monthly interest charge, or go in there and buy some items of jewellery, a fashionable handbag or purse, and anything else that catches your eye. Next time, you are in town, call in and see what they can provide for you.



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