Manage all your expenses only with your  smartphone!

Smartphone apps make it easier to purchase items, but did you know they can also help you manage expenses? Apps can make you financially savvy, guiding you through budgeting, debt repayment, subscription fee reduction, credit score improvement, increased savings, and intelligent investment decisions while tracking your progress.

While many solutions are available, here’s how you can manage your expense with the help of the netbank app on your smartphone.

  1. Shopping

Online retailers go to great lengths (and expenses) to ensure a seamless shopping experience. You can order food and take advantage of the extra incentives credit card apps offer to save money.

When you purchase groceries and home goods on your phone, you can save money not only on deals and discounts but also on time. Your final savings will astound you if you shop using cashback apps and add a promo code on top.

  1. Paying bills

When managing numerous bills, checking your credit card balance is simple. But even one missed payment can significantly impact your credit score and cost you money in late fees.

  1. Budgeting

Spending every month can be divided into fixed and variable costs. Most fixed expenses are inescapable and quantifiably predictable. You must cut back on your variable expenses if you want to save money. While there are many possibilities to economise in these areas, it is also too easy to overspend.

For instance, after reviewing your monthly account statement, you can discover that you spent money on hired cabs despite having access to public transportation. Alternatively, you might have overspent on movie tickets or food. A mobile banking app can highlight such issues so you can take action.

  1. Manage finances in one place

Banking is a competitive industry nowadays. Most banks provide effective online platforms to draw you to remain competitive in the digital age. Mobile banking apps are incredibly well-developed because most consumers access the internet via their mobile phones.

It means using a single, feature-rich mobile banking app to pay for your expenses, including meals, transportation, utilities, and entertainment. Since there are fewer platforms, there needs to be more understanding.

You can use IDFC FIRST Bank’s net banking services without leaving your house, just like you would at a traditional bank. With IDFC FIRST Bank’s e-banking features, you can now access each banking service you’ve ever required with a single click. Apply for loans, pay your credit card bills, and invest in mutual funds online with IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile app.

Take advantage of the several ways your smartphone can assist you with your finances. A smartphone is one of the best tools in your financial toolkit, which can help you with anything from budgeting to saving money to billing individuals or an entity. With mobile banking, you can take control of your finances and lead a controlled lifestyle.

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