Best plans under Rs. 200 – Vodafone vs. Airtel vs. Jio

In this day and age of work from home, when WiFi is ubiquitous, chances are your mobile data consumption has taken a second seat. In such circumstances, it makes little sense to top up your sim with the current market’s expensive packs. Don’t worry! We have got you covered with the finest Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone deals under Rs.200.

Vodafone Idea Recharge Plans

As amongst the oldest players in the market, Vodafone recharge plans are versatile and affordable for all kinds of users.

Here are three plans under Rs. 200

  • Rs. 149 Truly Unlimited Plan

This plan gives its users a validity of 28 days over a whopping 2GB of superfast data.

The plan also comes with 300 SMS a day limit and free access to Vi TV for the duration of the period.

  • Rs. 99, Rs. 109 and Rs.129 Call Plans

The Rs. 99 plan comes with unlimited calling, a token 200 MB, and a validity of 18 days. The Rs.109 plan comes with 1 GB of data, in addition to unlimited calling, for a validity of 20 days.

Both these plans have no outgoing SMS, but stay assured that you’ll get all your important SMSes (like your VI prepaid recharge SMS) straight to your inbox! The Rs. 129 recharge plan has the same benefits as the Rs. 109 plan, in addition to 300 SMS.

  • Rs.199 Truly Unlimited

This quick plan is for all users who love to keep their mobile data for emergency ‘purposes.’

The plan comes with truly Unlimited Calls, 1 GB of data per day, and a validity of 24 days.

Jio Recharge Plans

Get the best of this popular service provider within budget with these plans, all under Rs.200

  • Rs.98 plan

This plan is valid for 14 days, unlimited calling, data of 1.5 GB a day, along with Jio Tv subscriptions. However, outgoing SMS services are not available.

  • Rs. 149 plan

The Rs.149 plan is an all-encompassing plan and comes with a validity of 24 days, unlimited calls, 100 SMS a day, and 1GB/day benefits!

  • Rs 199 plan

This plan is for 24 days, unlimited calls, 100sms/day, and a benefit of 1.5 GB/day!

Airtel Recharge Plans

Another big player in the market, this company has some great plans under Rs. 200.

  • Rs.149 plan

This is a great money saver plan, with unlimited calls, the validity of a whopping 28 days, 2GB of data, all the additional benefits.

  • Rs. 199 plan

The plan is another truly unlimited calling plan, with a validity of 24 days and a data benefit of 1GB/day.

In conclusion, the advent of WFH culture is a blessing in disguise, with unlimited data benefits- thanks to your WiFi. Choose the above plans to get great calling benefits under Rs.200. You can even get additional discounts on your Airtel, Jio, and VI bill payment via online payment sites like Airtel Payments Bank. Why spend a fortune on a product you’re not going to use!

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